Music When You are Mobile

Musicians love their studios or private practice areas.  It’s a great place to just be on your own (or with your band) and just play your instrument and have the creative muse set upon you.  Outside of the studio or practice space, we each have our favorite spots of where we enjoy listening to our music.  Increasingly, in this accelerating fast-paced word, we are listening to music on personal devices while we’re walking down the street, exercising at the gym, or working while we’re on public transportation.  So, we’re grateful that technology has met our needs with bringing us not just ever more portable and convenient devices, but also new applications and ways to enjoy our music.

What is a wonderful things to have, but also something that is progressively becoming less common to invest in and really establish is a home audio system.  By that, I mean a carefully designed and put together system of electronic source equipment, amplifiers, and speakers.  This is less common because the living room has become an overall entertainment center with streaming movies and entertainment of other sorts, like gaming.  So, the focus on just sitting down listening to two channel audio just has become a small segment of the population.  It’s also a hobby or endeavor that is not inexpensive, either.  Especially, when one acquires high quality digital audio converters (DACs), amplifiers, and capable speaker systems, you’re now talking about many thousands of dollars.

But, we have seen a resurgence of interest and investment in this area by consumers in the past 5-10 years, surprisingly.  Some of this is coming from the fact that younger audiences are rediscovering vinyl records and the obvious need to play such analog sources on home audio systems and not focus on digital music and iPod type of material.  Music recording companies have nurtured this renewed love affair with higher fidelity audio with vinyl options and many special releases.  This is really exciting to see and it bodes well for the industry and the overall music ecosystem.

One other area of being able to enjoy your music in a mobile way when you’re on the go is car audio.  Of course, there’s no chance of enjoying an analog source like a record player while driving.  But, that would be a fun idea, although silly considering how you’re in a car and bumps can make the needle bounce on the vinyl record!  That said, there are tons of opportunities to create compelling car audio systems that deliver amazing performance and beautiful sound for you to enjoy.  Just as with anything, it’s going to get expensive with the higher quality components, but for big music lovers it’s just an acceptable price of admission.  For a great resource for advising you on components to consider for your musical enjoyment, you can check out Car Audio Logic reviews on their website.